I had been a poet since I was 11, man. I had just gotten arrested for the first time, I was on house arrest, and I had just gotten news that my brother got killed. I needed to get my emotions out. I didn’t know who to talk to or how to talk it. So I wrote. And I wrote. And I wrote. For years. My love of hip hop came soon after. I wish I could explain this love to you. Hip hop is the only thing I’ve ever understood. It was there when nobody wanted me around. I can only explain where it started. I was 14 years old. One of my best friends slid me Common’s Be album. It. Blew. My. Mind. Up until that point I had no idea that you could mix poetry and hip hop together. Surely there had to be more music like this, right? So I searched. And I studied. And I became a student of the culture. Now? I’m ready to show the world what I gleaned in those study sessions with music. So, take a seat. Ride this journey with me.